Jiangsu SOHO E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SOHO E-Commerce") was formally established on December 8, 2021. It is a promoted management subsidiary of SOHO Holding Group. Since 2016, SOHO E-Commerce started to expand cross-border e-commerce export business. It is the first entity cross-border e-commerce company of a provincial enterprise. The core business models of SOHO E-Commerce include B2C, B2B and "Holly Way" cross-border e-commerce comprehensive services.
During the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period, SOHO E-Commerce adhered to the development strategy of "Digitization, Technologization, Internationalization, Branding and Platform Development", integrated online and offline, explored domestic and foreign dual markets, actively built "Digital SOHO", and focused on building "New Digital Trade, Cross-Border Community". SOHO E-Commerce is committed to building the three “One", That is to build one leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise, explore one state-owned enterprise e-commerce development path with Jiangsu characteristics, build one new cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, and strive to become the leader of Jiangsu cross-border e-commerce.
Under the leadership of the Party Committee of SOHO Holding Group, SOHO E-Commerce always adhere to the group's business philosophy of "strong party building, excellent governance, stable operation and good integration", forge ahead on the road of cross-border e-commerce development. With the support from organizations, SOHO E-Commerce has earned many honorary qualifications, such as " Jiangsu Worker Pioneer ", " Provincial Enterprise Excellent Team ,Excellent Team Leader ", " Jiangsu Digital Commerce Enterprise ", " Nanjing Municipal Digital Commerce Enterprise ", " Small and Medium sized Technological Enterprises ", " Thousands - Enterprises - Pool" and " The second batch of Jiangsu three-stars cloud enterprises ".

Business Philosophy
Mission: new digital trade, to build cross-border community
Vision: To be a leader of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, explore a state-owned enterprise e-commerce development path with Jiangsu characteristics, to build a new cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, strive to lead Jiangsu cross-border e-commerce.
Customer first;
Invent and Openness;
Day one;
Think big.
Strategy : Digitization, Science and Technology, Internationalization, Branding, Platform Development, Strive to become a benchmark enterprise of supply chain management and integration of domestic and foreign trade.
Spirit : Keep the world in mind and bravely forge ahead.
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